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How we used to die; how we die now

January 24, 2016

Source: How we used to die; how we die now

Oh my gosh. How do we get this point across, that when the end of our lives draw near, we want to meet that end with grace and in comfort. No heroics please. If it’s time; it’s time. I realize I have a fear of invasive, medicine although I do admire modern medicine. Just don’t conduct intervention at the end of life. Leave me to my graceful death.

Check In

April 23, 2015

It’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in here. It doesn’t mean I haven’t had my imagination immersed in my studio and been daydreaming through projects. It does mean I haven’t carved out time to just sit and sew. Dang it. It really leaves me lopsided as my tactile, creative side is not being exercised very much. To help balance this, I bought fabric!! Of course! Now, before it looks like fabric bingeing, let me explain how it started.

I have been exploring up-cycling. Specifically, men’s shirts altered into interesting women’s tops. I love this idea. And I love some of the great examples I’ve found. I was ready to go with a stack of hand-me-down shirts from MVOPC, of which I like the fabrics. Note, I really like shirting, cottons, and little stripes and plaids so up-cycling men’s shirts seems like a good match for a satisfying project to me. I started with a shirt I could live without just in case my first attempt didn’t make me happy. Off I went.

The first step once I had my idea sketched was to disassemble the shirt where necessary. Oh. Yeah. Then I remembered how much I dislike alterations. It’s this first step. And all of sudden this felt like alterations. It. Is. So I fiddled around with this project for a while, slowly building up my aggravation – albeit to just a low level; but aggravation is not satisfaction.

I closed up shop for the day and went off for a good night’s sleep. All I dreamed about were sewing projects, and they weren’t altered – I mean – up-cycled shirts. Refreshed, I went to the store in the morning and bought some pretty, coordinating quilt fabrics from which I plan to make some lounge wear; a pair of PJ pants, sleeveless top and cover up tunic or robe style top.

I’ll get back to the up-cycled shirts because I have some great design ideas! I’m just warming up with some straight forward construction that requires no destruction first. Happy sewing!!

Finding My Way Back

October 19, 2014

It’s been way too long since I spent long afternoons immersed in projects of one sort or another. The problem is even bigger since my seasons – and time spent indoors – is reversed in Florida. With Fall comes nicer weather when I can spend more time outdoors, and therefore, less time on projects. The problem is, the holidays get me thinking about everything I want to do! Couple this with how much time my day job is consuming, and I have a dilemma.

I am determined to get back into my studio even if it’s in little chunks of time. To do so, I am letting go of lots of time eaters (unfulfilling volunteer time, TV, housework – ha!) and focusing on just those key things that make my life happy. That in itself is a project! Some of the things I have lined up for projects are to experiment with design elements applied to tried and true basic patterns, finish favorite projects, and start some new things I’ve never done. For example, I love my perfect tee shirt pattern, therefore I will use that as a starting point to add in sheer panels, longer sides, a fuller silhouette, or do some color blocking. Then there’s the non sewing projects such as sand bowls and sun catchers. Add to that my Craftsy classes I’m dying to try, and I have lots to do in my studio! It’s time to get back in there.

I can’t wait to get started!

Diagnostic Checklist for Pathogenic Parenting

September 12, 2014

If only we knew then what we know now.

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

I have just posted to my website a Diagnostic Checklist for the three Primary Diagnostic Indicators and Secondary Clinical Features for the pathogenic parenting associated with an attachment-based model of “parental alienation.”

This diagnostic checklist is available at the link below:

Diagnostic Checklist for Pathogenic Parenting, and directly through my website

I am not sure if this checklist will be helpful to targeted parents, but I am trying to provide you with something simple that you can give to therapists and child custody evaluators.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, we can lead a horse to water but we can’t make him drink.

We can’t force mental health professionals to be knowledgeable.  If you have cancer and you’re in the position of educating your physician regarding the diagnosis and treatment of cancer… you’re in trouble.  The treating physician should know more than you about the disorder.  Would that this…

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New Projects

May 26, 2014

I spend a lot of time ruminating, planning, or just plain daydreaming. I once would become aggravated by this as a time waster. I now find it to be a good starting point for my new projects. In this case, I have a long weekend – made longer by my personal conviction to have an extra day off work to spend cleaning up my studio AND gleefully stitching away. My planning began about three weeks ago when I was in the middle of taking care of all the pesky details that surround accomplishing check marks on my to-do list for work. I began daydreaming about how comfortable simple knit dresses are for hot days, and this led to supplementing my pattern collection and a need for some new knits. Lastly, I decided to stop short on my overhaul of the studio so I can have a sewing date for myself. Today.

A sale on patterns occurred at just the right moment, and I placed my order to arrive home just days before I would return from my business travel. Then I actually hit the order button while perusing an online fabric store selection of knits and such. Arrival date being the day after the patterns hit home. The boxes were waiting here, and I finally made it home. I’ve chattered on about this time so much it became an event on our calendar. The anticipation felt like the eve of a holiday for me. In preparation for the Date, MVOPC did my chores, planned his own projects and menus catering to me, and stocked the wine cooler.  And now it’s here. Two full days of studio time! Planned, prepped, carved out just for me. I didn’t plan a lot of time for blogging, so this will be short. Photos to follow. 😉  

Spring, sprung, sprang

April 22, 2014

So, I wrote my Mom a note today because she encouraged me to download and use an app she discovered called RunKeeper. I honestly believe that if I could get calorie expending credit for all the apps, books, videos, equipment, cute work out clothes, shoes, and gadgets I accumulate and review, I would not have to lose 30 pounds. Seriously!

Spring in Florida has two opposing responses for me. First, one of pure bliss as the greens get greener and the air gets warmer, and the sun glistens off of everything, all wrapped in azaleas and pretty flowers. Then I get panicky because spring means an oppressive onslaught of Africa hot summer weather is coming…tomorrow. I try to cram everything into the short, pleasant spring we have. One of those things is a renewed commitment to exercise. Hence the note to my Mom as follows:

The weather is so nice today! SO, I downloaded the RunKeeper app (had to do it from the site – that’s what the problem was), and used it today. I like it. It’s very similar to MapmyRun except for the key thing I like – the training programs! I started today on the one for running for weight loss. It was a total bust of course. I was supposed to run for 30 minutes at 70% of my max HR. No problem there, except for the dang sinus infection I’m not quite clear of yet. I now know that when I hit 50% of my max HR it triggers a coughing fit and I almost pee my pants after being sure to be hydrated for the run in the heat. Good grief! So, I did the 30 minutes at a speed walking pace and will keep going with the plan the best I can. So far I really like it!
Of course, when I set my goal to lose 30 pounds in nothing flat, it gave me a message that said my goal was going to be extremely difficult. You got that right – that’s why I’m using the app! Well, I adjusted it for a more realistic timeframe – and I think we may get along quite well. My other goal is to train for a 10 mile run on the beach in August, with heat being my biggest challenge! I figure if Marines can do this, then it is humanly possible and I will work into it. SLowly. With my app. <end of note to Mom>
Ha! Let’s revisit this again in say, June. 😉 Happy Spring!!


A Little Bit of Springtime

March 22, 2014
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Springtime in Florida emerges earlier than for most other parts of the country in which I’ve lived so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it takes me by surprise every year — since I’ve been here — the better part of my life. Okay, maybe being one who sleeps in makes me one who awakens to spring with more difficulty than most.

This year I stalked the time change and had a strategy for not being done in by my alarm clock. Check. It’s a big deal. I’ve been up on time all through the transition period. What I haven’t done well is guard against the general malaise I seem to fall into every year. I know it’s every year because when I begin to open up and all out whine to MVOPC in a thematic “why do I feel This Way” (completely undefined, of course), he reminds me that it’s springtime and I feel this way every year ending with a loving, “go for a run”.

So, here I sit blanketed in my malaise, but working on a plan this time. I’ve come to the happy realization that I don’t need to do anything miraculous, nor amazing. I am immersing myself in the little things that make me happy whether it’s cleaning a closet, hemming a skirt, or reading a book. I am learning everyone doesn’t have to make the earth shake. Sometimes we just need to smile. Spring is here. It’s my favorite season in Florida because it’s not too hot, and not too cold. It’s just right. I’ve got some fun adventures to look forward to, and I think I’ll go for a run and sew a skirt this weekend. Happy Spring.