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First Post

January 4, 2010

Well, here I am blogging away – finally. It occurred to me that what I really want to talk about are just those fun things happening when I’m in my studio being me, rather than about housework, chores, errands, neighborhood gossip, family issues, work, etc. While those things can get interesting – well, not the laundry – they are not what make me feel interesting and alive. Being in my studio does.

It happens I just spent an inordinate amount of time after the frenzy of the holidays to clean out this corner of my world. Part of the motivation came from it being the New Year, and another from the fact I’ve been in this studio for close to nine years, accumulating and storing stuff. I’ve never lived anywhere this long in my adult life, so I am feeling a bit like the clutter was closing in. Another push came from the fact I was laid off from a job where I worked from a home office, and now I want to reclaim that space and make it fun and inspirational. The office armoires I carefully selected for the job became ground zero for the overhaul of my studio – and I am feeling some glimmers of happiness creep back in.

So far, I’ve migrated around the room cleaning each set of shelves and developing a small mountain of items with a questionable future. All this next to an ocean of garbage destined for the recycle or trash bin. The whole process is taking me much longer than I expected as I find myself stopping along the way to smile at the reasons some of these things were so important at some point that I bought special containers for them. Oooh, new uses for so many containers. My organizer gene is kicking in.

So, what happens in my studio anyway? I love this room. It was the spare room, then the sewing room, project room, and now a studio only because that’s what I call it. When we moved here, it was the first room painted — yellow. I had never had a room I could use for anything I wanted and I did not hesitate to move right in. When I’m pondering my personal time sewing is usually first in mind. My studio has a large table right in the middle where my sewing machine and serger sit, always ready to go. The closet is filled primarily with the stacks of fabric and rows of patterns I buy out of inspiration and sparks of ideas. Since I seem to always have something in the works or something new to try, my walls are lined with shelves of organized stuff for all kinds of crafts, projects, or pastimes. They also hold little mementos I randomly collect, especially if it’s kid-generated. Eventually it really does come back to sewing though.

This is going to be a good year – I’m making it so on purpose. This studio is going to be from where it grows. This is where I am rediscovering my true self and getting back to the parts of me I like best.

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