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Running, and Running Errands

January 6, 2010

Today I ran. It’s a start for my training for the Gate River Run. Training I plan all year, resist as long as I can, and then relish and despise all at the same time. It’s the weirdest thing that happens to me. It’s arduous, takes commitment, and causes me mental anguish; and then I am elated, feeling accomplished and strong! The funniest thing that happens when I run is that moment in the midst of my run when I am smiling at the mental imagery where I see myself as a svelte, elite athlete and then catch my shadow across the sidewalk just trudging along looking very less than svelte. Ha! I console myself with the fact that I am on the road…

Speaking of running – today I ran errands, which included delivering part of that mountain from the studio overhaul to my former boss. The significance of this was how satisfying it was to talk to him in person after being laid off and having only one stilted conversation in person. Although it was absolutely freezing outside, it ended up being a very warm and friendly moment for both of us. I am so glad I pushed this insignificant pile of stuff on him.

I missed my studio today, and due to that very fulfilling visit mentioned, I also ran out of time to hit the local store for supplies for my latest adventure: The upcoming sewing workshop. Oh, oh. Now I have something to do tomorrow. (Okay, that was sarcasm). I’m pleased about these workshops though.

I belong to the American Sewing Guild, and to the local chapter, which I originally joined for the discounts and connection to those who also love to sew. I haven’t had many opportunities to participate due to working, and in true form, decided to just start my very own sewing group — viola — Cool Stitches is born. What began as a way to teach other women to sew, has quickly turned into a venue for some of the ASG Chapter members to get together for sewing and education. I have no experience as an instructor, but I love to sew and I enjoy being  at the helm. I’ve had a great time putting together lesson plans, project notes, and then walking others through the fundamentals of assembling something they actually use or wear.

This task is now complete for our January 9th workshop when we will make a simple tote. Today is Wednesday and I have decided to make the bag ahead of time as well as do one during the workshop as a way to demo each step as we do it – if needed. I really have no idea what the experience levels are for each of our participants. It may be that I am the student by the end of the day. My thought to do one bag beforehand is my opportunity to set aside all the other little things needing attention and get back to my studio work.

This, in fact, is my favorite spot to be and I am definitely looking forward to it! I really missed my studio today. I spent way too much time on errands all day, so I am planning to finish the overhaul and get back to dressmaking.

Tip to share: I make little girls’ dresses to practice some of the couture techniques I intend to use.

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