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A Slowed Evening in the Studio

January 7, 2010

Today I am pulled in too may directions to really get anything interesting and creative done. My day ends with me sitting down in my studio to just make sense of it all. Good things: My son stopped by today and we had a chat about nothing at all. It reminds me how much I enjoy his company, and how much I wish good things for him. My husband comes home and I’m free of all the trappings of my schedule and we talk about how to solve all the problems in his industry that we have no control over what so ever. It is animated and hilarious and we spend a lot of time laughing over the whole silliness of the world. It’s a good day. I am still unemployed, but during this down time I am rediscovering the parts of me I missed when they were lost in being effective, efficient, successful, and professional.

Tonight I find myself in my studio with little initiative to do more than be here, ruminating on what I want to do next to keep my hands busy – keep that weird energy fluttering off the tips of my fingers relegated to creative work. I flipped on the overhead light I use to see the details of my work in progress and quickly realize it’s just not right. I switch it off and turn on that newly placed lamp made by my son a decade ago in his shop class. Perfect warm glow for falling into that new, fluffy cushion of my bamboo chair to read a book I’ve dusted off during my studio overhaul.

Tomorrow I head to the fabric store — tomorrow I’m sewing something new! Tonight I’m daydreaming…

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