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Ah, Fridays

January 9, 2010

Today was one of those days when I wrap things up for the week and begin to plan my weekend. It was a strange one because I’m unexpectedly unemployed and preparing for my first sewing workshop of 2010. The unemployment has left me being free to do what I want during the day while feeling compelled to be productive at the same time. It’s almost like a guilty pleasure. I do a bunch of chores, follow-up with professionally relevant activities and then retire to my favorite room of the house – my studio – to work on the things most close to my heart. It’s a shame I haven’t yet figured out how to make the connection between my studio and my revenue…time will tell.

Today I moved into the final preparations for my first 2010 sewing workshop. It is a simple project and a new group of women I should know, but don’t recall. They are each ASG members, so we have much in common. I am disappointed not to have the beginner sewers in the workshop. I’ll work on them though. Perhaps for the next workshop.

I spent a good deal of time in my studio today – mostly writing. I wrote a compelling letter to explain my position in my professional life after being accused of less than integral actions. That has weighed heavily on me and the letter I wrote felt very good – although I didn’t send it to the intended recipient, but rather to the person I believe to my champion in this particular cause. I wrote about our workshop, a piece around my passion for work, and something to promote myself to a university position. And it’s cold outside – as it is everywhere now.

I also wrote to my two wayward grandchildren. It always feels good, rewarding, therapeutic, to write my little inconsequential emails to them. I typically receive aggressive ones back, but at least they are reading mine. It’s good to be connected regardless.

Tomorrow will be a busy day preparing for the workshop. Not only do I have a long list of items to load into the car for set up, but I need to feel comfortable with the project. I did not do a sample. I think I stalled because the participants are all experienced to some degree and do not need my step by step procedures. I’m excited to learn from them what they are intersted in doing in the upcoming workshops, and to sharing the one new tip I have for the totes we are making. It’s a borrowed one from a Threads magazine contributor: Use a hair elastic with a cool button to close the tote. That’s it. Are you impressed? Ha! Probably not overly, but I’ll bet you’ll try it next time you make a bag!

Happy sewing to you. I believe I am ready to move beyond my workshop and get back to dressmaking. I have a beautiful deep purple wool I want to make into a great shift with neckline detail. If there is enough I’ll make a jacket, but that’s pushing it. Funny, my husband tossed the latest issue of Threads to me pointing out the feature on the back cover stating he likes that a lot. It’s a felt skirt and jacket from a vintage Collection at Western Costume Company! I like it too. Perhaps I will have to tackle that as my next couture sewing project. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Felt? We’ll see. I do have a nice high-end linen in the same hue he may like, and one that will tolerate this horrid Florida climate…more on that as it progresses. Again, happy sewing my friends.

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