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A Free Day for UFOs

January 18, 2010

Today is one of those extra days we all relish. It’s a work holiday, and although I am currently sitting outside the corporate work world, it still feels like an extra day. I didn’t schedule anything just so I’d have this free day! I returned a few emails and realized that one of them to a new friend also interested in sewing was exactly what I wanted to say here.

What intrigued me in her latest email is that she enters sewing contests to keep her motivated. What fun to enter contests! That is a great way to draw motivation since the contests provide your project ideas pushing you at times to create something outside of your normal routine, and more importantly, a deadline and sense of competition to help focus your talent on good technique and finishing. The contests in which she participates are at  I may have to look into this…for now I am going to challenge myself with a dress a month! I have so many things to sew, and projects to consider for our workshops.

For the next workshop, the vest pattern I’m interested in making is Simplicity 2862. It’s a Sew Stylish pattern from the Threads Collection. I think we can each make a similar vest from other patterns if we have them already. The steps should be close to the same. This one has princess seams, buttons, and pocket flaps/pockets. I like the style very much, but also understand that for a beginner it could be a bit daunting. I’ll put out an email later this week with some suggestions and invitation to provide alternate ideas so we can get under way with planning and preparation for the workshop. Additionally, I’ll include project notes aimed mostly at the beginners, some of whom were not in the last workshop. I’m hoping our more experienced members will jump in with additional tips and advice as well. I’m looking forward to it.

Got that run under my belt, but I’m still working on UFOs because I got caught up in a long-standing idea for my sewing room. I still feel accomplished having finished the tote from our last workshop, and then a matching cushion for my wicker chair, and half the slip covers for my task chair, along with the measurements for a valance. That should just about deplete the flowery twill fabric from my stash. My studio will be so matchy, matchy. Now I really am under pressure to get these other UFOs done as they have deadlines! That’s where I’m headed now.

Today is a beautiful day with sunshine, cool weather, and the hum of my sewing machine and hubby’s electric tools as he works with my specs for the window treatment! What a great assistant he is. I love free days like this one.

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