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Reconnecting – Reinspired

March 3, 2010

What a whirlwind month I’ve had – and unfortunately it didn’t include keeping up with my audience. My apologies.

I have been very busy with a number of seemingly unrelated activities, when in fact they all come together quite nicely at the end of the day. First, there is the wonderful gift of a hodge podge bag of exquisite fabric samples collected and then passed on from a young and talented designer friend. I had no idea what to expect when she offered a bag of fabric from which she indicated she was thinking of making a quilt…When I finally had the opportunity to dig into this luxurious stash my mind was spinning with ideas from every direction. Ooooooh, how about satchels, or wall hangings, or pocketbooks, or pieced coats and vests, hanging lamps, or…I can hardly bring myself to leave the studio with all this inspiration!

I focus and begin to measure and feel each piece of fabric. I am filled with gratitude when I realize there is a perfectly sized piece of thick, white, 100% cotton terry I can use for an unplanned and urgent project for which I just downloaded the directions. I make a perfect set of Anti-ouch Totes for my friend who just underwent a double mastectomy. I am so pleased with them, and let my fabric donor friend know how she has contributed. What a wonderful young woman. Her response was to applaud me, when I was thanking her. What a blessing this bag of fabric has been already.

This bag of textures and colors continues to conjure project ideas and I can hardly hold back from jumping on the machine and trying out the designs for mini clutches made for holding sunglasses. The sample squares of colorful, heavy upholstery fabrics are a perfect match for this project and I am whipping up one of each design. Love them! The bodies of each are one piece layered with stiff interfacing – when necessary – and a complementary lining. Once sewn and turned right side out it’s a matter of some paper airplane style folding and whip stitching and the little treasures are revealed. These are definitely going to be featured in my online store! They will be a limited run because when the squares run out, so does the product line. My only dilemma is in choosing which I like best to keep for myself. Tough thing to do when this typically is the most recent one completed which bumps the one before it from its position as first choice.

One larger piece of geometrically inspired print jumps out and claims its future as a wonderful piece for a modern messenger bag. This one is going to be the piece I make to show my appreciation to the sweet young woman who gave me this wonderful adventure of idea explosion and expression. Shh…don’t tell her about it just yet. The bag is a modern design for an over the shoulder tailored tote sized for a portfolio or laptop. The fabric is tailored enough for business, but still funky so that the bag should be a favorite. The lining will be a striking color to add that bit of surprise. I can hardly wait to complete this one.

This is one of the positive activities occupying my days. I mentioned the online store. I can’t wait to tell you about it. I made the commitment by adding my page – opening my store – and now will begin to create my inventory. It should be a lot of fun! More on that with my next post when I share my journey with you. In the meantime I have some ideas to pluck out of this bag of  inspiration!

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