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New Start

June 12, 2010

So I started a new job this week and feel all the excitement this kind of activity holds. New challenges, new acquaintances, and new things to learn. It holds all of this, but also has a way of trampling on the plans which were underway. One of my new colleagues says to me, “How are you going to sew now that you have a job?” Ha! That’s like asking someone how they are going to breath. I sew. Therefore I am. 🙂 I have to admit, this week has been focused on getting to bed on time, and then getting up on time. The days fly by with all the new things I’m doing — good thing too since it affords me no time at all to notice I’m not snacking and planning or avoiding every meal and snack along the track of my day.

When will I sew? I don’t know, but I do know I miss having fabric, needles, thread, pins, and patterns in my hands. I come home and share my adventures and then daydream of what I should be working on. This week is all about squeezing a work day into my schedule. Next week I am finishing the yellow shirt dress hanging on my dress form. This new left turn in professions means the business plan is being postponed. I’m okay with this for the moment. I have to build on capital and will take some time to refine my business acumen around the sewing industry, along with indulging my desire to develop my sewing skills. I’ve been at it a long time but really need to perfect some of the couture techniques I only read about.

This is my new direction really – developing couture techniques. My first step is to participate selectively in the ASG activities around the things I want to learn.

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