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Fashion Show Dilemma

June 19, 2010

Last night I went to an informal fashion show at a lounge in a nearby part of the city. It was an impulsive whim to say the least, and sparked only by the combination of two young ladies – one, a friend of our son who was modeling; the other, my visiting niece who thought it would be fun. Off we went to see the show.

It was pretty casual and started very late, but we waited. The theme was to promote the local businesses who carried women’s clothing or at least catered to women. Our friend was the first, and I must say the best, of the models to strut down the stairs in today’s coolest young women’s fashions for summer. While the show was short, the new ideas I gained from the fashions presented were delightful. To be quite honest, some of my insights were gained from the people in attendance. I’m a people watcher, and it’s always fun to watch people in a night on the town setting.

The two major ideas I came away with were new ways to use silky prints, and how to do the new romper look in a way I actually like. I admit I have been a bit hooked on knits and utterly disappointed trying to find any I like in the local fabric stores. Also, rompers are not something I warmed up to – okay, for the younger set they’re cute, but I’m not in that set anymore.

The looks I liked the most were longer tops – not quite tunic length, but longer, and looser. The tops were cut narrow across the shoulders for sleeveless versions and included some design element to add weight to the narrow upper area. I saw the ruffle bib, crafting, or some other design element. The hemlines were loose and flowing. Worn with straight skirts or shorts cut almost like short culottes without the flaps provided nice balance. Nice. The short sleeve version I liked was also loose and flowing with a wide v-neck that included embellishment of some sort on each. There was even one with long, bell sleeves I liked as well — very 70’s.These were worn with skinny jeans. I’ll have to come up with some alternative since I can’t pull them off. (Just read a Facebook post stating that skinny jeans don’t make you skinny…)

The rompers, while not my favorites of course, provided some flexibility (believe it or not) in wearing the look of a dress with the confidence of shorts. The trick is in wearing a design that doesn’t look too juvenile with gathers, banding, and bows. These were present in some of the garments featured, but the girls were young enough to carry them well. The ones in almost masculine or neutral fabrics with tailored details were actually nice looking. I also saw a number of women, not in the actual runway show, sporting dresses in the silky prints with dresses that actually were rompers. You know what I mean, the skirt was made with an inner leg and crotch seams making them full like a skirt and separated like shorts. Love that look for summer too! The key to all of these looks was the shorter length – so get your workout on.

So where is the dilemma in all of this? I have the stereotypical fabric stash that holds way too little of the fabrics I saw in the runway show. What to do… πŸ™‚

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