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When Paths Cross

October 3, 2010

This all starts with a bad hair cut and ends with a new business venture. I lost my own stylist in the midst of a six month pity party (don’t ask), and fell for the good price and convenience of a nearby salon ending up extremely discouraged each morning when I looked in the mirror and tried to figure out what to do with my hair. My son insisted I give his stylist the opportunity to fix my hair cut woes. Of course, first I became FB friends with Bruce.

So as I sat in Bruce’s chair for the first time, Bruce asks me, “what do you do?”  That question always causes me pause. What do I do? It seems my life is made up of separate components with nothing in common. So I guess the best way to define it at the highest level is that by day I am a creative marketing strategist not working in my industry, by night I am an enthusiastic dressmaker, and I’m always looking for some way to just keep doing what makes me happy.

Bruce asks me why I don’t sew for others, why I don’t make my living this way. This is a good question that has come up very often from many other people. I love to make clothes, and I love to dress people in them. I don’t spend enough time doing this because I have that day job. I am happiest in my studio, and spend a lot of energy trying to juggle time to do this more often. So why don’t I sew for others? I don’t want to be a sweat shop. And I shared this with Bruce in a very decisive tone, explaining that if I spend my time and talent on making an original garment for someone – even from a favored pattern – it is not in the price range most people want to pay. Therefore, I am concerned too many people would want to pay cheap prices and I’d spend a lot of time cranking out too many things I don’t like.

Bruce said something next that completely shook my sewing for others paradigm. “That’s why you select the right clientele.” He went on to tell me about a very successful and now retired woman who did sew for others. She did sportswear and career clothes. As her success grew she opened a small boutique with a sewing studio in the back. She did very well, and he says her items were at a high price point and still attracted a following. Hm. This is more attractive to me than I would have guessed.

So now my new hair stylist has me rethinking the idea of sewing for others. By the way, I also love my new hair cut. New hair style, new business venture. Since I love making dresses of all kinds, this may be the product line to develop. And with the holidays coming up there should be plenty of women looking for that perfect dress.

I’ve always believed there is reason for every encounter – something we will learn or experience is waiting around every corner. I’m thinking there was a reason I had such a bad hair cut. I needed to be motivated to drive a little further and spend a little more at a time when I am not doing either. I had to do this so my and Bruce’s paths would cross when I needed it most. He thinks he just gave me a great hair cut!

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  1. October 3, 2010 12:41 pm

    There are no accidents, only opportunities!.

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