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The Secret to My Success

December 17, 2010

It’s no secret that I love spending my time buried in piles of materials, supplies, tools, and project plans rather than doing anything that smells of responsibility – like dishes or laundry. Mind you, I also crave a sense of order to be content, so our abode is not a bad place to be. I am just drawn to doing creative things, beginning with my sewing machine, rather than housework. While I appreciate all the accolades that come from my friends and family whether it be for new curtains, costumes, gifts, or fashion beauties, I want to make it quite clear that there is a secret to my success.

I am successful with the projects undertaken due to the extraordinary support of my partner and best friend in life. My husband will stop what he’s doing and trek through the stores to find that one thing I do not have on hand to finish a project in which I’m entrenched. He helps me keep my momentum going without interruption. Not only will he make those “parts runs” for me so I can keep fully engaged, he also maintains that order I crave when I’m not doing so. Yes. He does dishes and laundry and he cooks – quite well. The call for dinner comes at just the right moments, as do the perfect refreshments and drinks. I’ve always felt he read my mind, and his well-timed actions certainly seem to indicate this may be true.

He’s a great assistant as well. He models things for me and holds this or that so I can accomplish the next step. He honestly critiques my work when asked – or not, and provides interesting options to solve unexpected problems that crop up. He takes on parts of projects that I ask of him – even when they seem impossible. Most of the time he’ll even do it my way.

The result of all his support is that I get to turn out one fun thing after another from my studio; and I get all the accolades. To set the record straight, I consider all my projects to be team projects. I would not be this successful if it weren’t for Stan’s consistent and attentive support and participation in my activities. He and I know each gift given is truly from both of us, and every project completed is a job well done by us both.

I am so delighted to spend so much time doing those things I enjoy. Time made more successful and enjoyable because of Stan. He is the secret to my success.

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