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Sewing With A Twist

July 12, 2011

Two activities I find very fulfilling are sewing and writing. I think I’m better at sewing, but I’m enjoying learning more about writing as much as I do improving my sewing skills. I guess you can throw reading in there as well. Between these three activities I can become quite engrossed in what I’m doing. I read about sewing, sew, and write about what I’ve sewn. What I haven’t done is integrate those things. Well, not to the degree I’ve seen online. The reason is that whole being engrossed thing I just mentioned. So, I have an idea to try out.

Since it never hurts to see something a second time around, I’ve decided to share those moments that spark excitement in me. You know what I mean – the moment you dash to the sewing machine because you can’t wait to “try this one out”. Since most of my projects are inspired by others through their designs, instructions, or tips, it never occurred to me to document them. Also, while sewing I don’t think about writing, but it’s such a fun way to share great tips with others.

The ones I have in mind right now are zipper installment tips, underlining that finishes seams, the nifty way to construct yokes and cuffs, perfecting the corners on French seams, oh — and testing all these sewing feet I’ve accumulated. Wow – and that’s just a start. What do you think? Remember, I’m not the expert and will be crediting every expert and talented person providing the insights and instructions. I’m just the fan who loves to sew and write.

Now, I just have to remember to get out the camera and take photo breaks! Stay tuned!

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