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Playing Hooky

July 25, 2011

I’ve been letting a bit of dust gather here in the studio while I ventured out and played a little bit. I’m back, but what fun I had! It all started because I fell for a Groupon app for my phone. Every day these offers come in and remind me of all those fun things I’d like to try. Since you must make a purchase while the clock is ticking, it means I’m still in that enamored state rather than evaluation stage and when I glance at the price – I’m hooked.

What have I been up to? Well, first I became a member of Museum of Contemporary Art. So far I’ve gone to obtain my pass, browse the Museum Store, and peruse the NOLA menu items for a Thursday night dinner. Oh, that was half price for two people – so Stan is a member too.

The next item on my adventure was group golf lessons. What a load of fun this was. I showed up with the two designated clubs and learned more about one golf swing than I imagined possible. In the process I also learned that my experience with a softball bat and owning a guinea pig both prepared me for swinging a golf club. Who knew? I have many more lessons in the future. Hopefully I can hit more balls than miss them as we progress.

The best thing yet had to be the guided kayaking trip. This adventure was with a group of my friends who walk together on Saturday mornings. We showed up as usual, but jumped into one car with our Groupons in hand and drove to the St. Johns River boat ramp to meet the fellow with the kayaks. We got into our life jackets, stretched, carried the kayaks to the water and then gingerly and clumsily climbed in. All my concerns about exertion, heat, and fatigue disappeared as we meandered along the shore listening to our capable and entertaining guide share the nuances of river wildlife right before our eyes. The dolphins were jumping nearby, fish skipping, birds soaring, and little snails and crabs hanging out on the shoreline. What a treat! It was only a couple of hours, but it was such a treat I came home and bought two more Groupons to go again.

The last one in my back pocket is for paddle boarding lessons! This one was a gift from my eldest son. He surfs, and his attempts to get me up and surfing were fruitless. I paddle out there and understand everything he explains, but there is no popping up in me to get the whole surf thing down! When I saw someone out on the water standing on a board and using a paddle I was pretty excited about it. That’s when it appeared as a gift. I decided to schedule it for early fall while it’s still quite warm outside, and hopefully my training for a 1/2 marathon will have improved my physical capabilities as well. I’m looking forward to it.

Now although I’ve had this series of adventure keeping me out of the studio, I do have a project planned for this week about which I’m intrigued. I am finishing some bridal accessories made from organza and a variety of silks. The first piece is a cummerbund that is tied in the back with very long and very wide sash ends. This is made from organza. Then the accent piece in the front is a silk peony flower. I’ve been working up the construction techniques over the past few weeks and feel confident that I’m ready to assemble it. My goal is to also do the whole photo journey with this flower construction as well. We’ll see if I can split my focus between these two aspects of the project. I certainly have been able to split my attention between my studio and some new adventures!

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