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February 15, 2012

Ackkk!! I have a wonderful new job, but it is keeping me from my studio much more than I expected. I have actually gone in there just to run my hands over some nice, uncut fabric just waiting to be constructed into something fun to wear. I’m thinking at this point I’m just going to have to focus on a fun new summer wardrobe — or maybe just a couple of fun things for the season.

My other resource for a fabric fix is to read my Threads magazine r e a l l y slowly so I can enjoy every stitch of it!

I have so many cool things in mind for that dang studio. It is where I refresh, regroup, reinvigorate! It is where I rediscover the creative side of me. I miss it. One of the cool things I loved about the Artist Way was the idea of giving yourself an artist’s date every week. I am going to explore that and see if I can get it back into my life and schedule. I love how things are going, but I have to get some balance back into my day — week, month, and more!

To my studio: I will return, I promise! You are my creative inspiration! Hmm. Perhaps you need a name. What do you think?

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