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Spring Fever

May 1, 2012

So, my not so new job is still taking me to all points in the country so my weekends are a balance between major projects and rejuvenation. I am slowly working my way through the house, garden beds, and lanai to put things in the order I like them. Hmm, that doesn’t leave a lot of time in the Studio. Right now I just focus on not letting it become the staging spot for all things looking for their rightful spot in either a closet, drawer, or charity bags. My goal is to keep it welcoming so that when the hot weather drives me back indoors, it is staged and ready for my next project.

It seems this spring has left me a bit scattered, jumping from one activity to another as I try to squeeze everything I love to do into the very few hours I have left between chores and the Monday morning alarm clock. My patterns are piling up and fabrics are going out of style! I can’t recall the last time I wandered through a good fabric store, or just played around with a new medium. And that’s not even taking into account that every time I clean a room my mind wanders to redecorating…including some work on the lanai. There’s a great piece of artwork I’m eyeing.

On top of that, I’m thinking a garden is in order until that reclusive weather hits. A salad and herb garden is what I’m thinking…So, after this next trip I’m planning to stick some things in the ground, and then throw myself in the pool. Once the weather gets just too hot to hang around outdoors, I’ll decide what needs to go under my presser foot. I love spring, but this spring fever is going to drive me a bit crazy!

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