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October 1, 2013

What if we broke up the mob. You know, required congressmen to keep their offices and spend their time within their districts – like the police and teachers. Permitted them to go to Washington for conferences say, once a quarter – if they could fit it in their budgets. What if we brought them back to live the lives of those they represent to address the issues about which those they really represent worry every day. Also, what if we paid them a stipend for their representation so they would continue to work in their careers. Do you think if they were truly representing us and being the administrators of our money and rules they would act like mobsters holding their constituents hostage and making decisions based purely on political positioning and personal, bloated egos? 

Is it working to have all of them transform into what we see today in our congress – bullies, brutes, extortionist living in a bubble fraught with mysterious wrangling in the middle of the night, pay-offs and lobbying to buy favors, and dropping the occasional tidbit to their constituents to appease them long enough to keep their boondoggles and high-powered lifestyles. Rules that pertain to them as a body should be on the ballot. This includes proposed raises, waivers, exemptions, benefits, and salaries – which should be commensurate to their district’s budgets and end when their time in office concludes.

What about the powerful committees? Run them virtually just like every company does in our current society. 

Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry 


Armed Services 
Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs 
Commerce, Science, and Transportation 
Energy and Natural Resources 
Environment and Public Works 
Foreign Relations 
Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions 
Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs 
Rules and Administration 
Small Business and Entrepreneurship 
Veterans’ Affairs 

Yes. Our board of directors for the greatest country on earth is broken. They have become like the mob and should be fired, and their processes for administering and representing us should be fixed. I say break up the mob and bring them home to their constituents. Make them available, accessible, and accountable. 

Lastly, when is the last time you interacted with your representatives? Do you know who they are beginning at the most local level? That is where you need to do your complaining.  

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  1. October 10, 2013 10:02 am

    When they were deciding to secede from Britain and King George, the ONE representative from each colonial state, traveled by horse, by buggy, walked, to Philadelphia. That final summer, the now famous hall (air conditioned with paved streets bustling around it, was THEN unpaved and experienced a particularly hot summer with much rain. The streets were muddy, the mosquitos were in droves and filled the open windowed building. Yet, our founding fathers hammered how in unity, a document that stands some 200 plus years later. They did not STAY in Philadelphia but returned to their represented areas and continued their work. Definitely something to reflect on.

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