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Constructing a Daydream

June 19, 2017

I thought I’d use this forum to journal my progress on my current project. Upon completion I’ll fill in the details you may find lacking here. There’s a reason for it.

I’m currently making a cocktail dress featuring organza, leather, layers, and a banded hem in the season’s latest colors and textures. This is all driven by my client’s design for this garment, and the model’s vibrant red locks. First step was to interview my client to learn what silhouette shape his vision took. Then we worked through a number of usual details such as neckline, sleeves, length, fit, volume, and such. We both dove into Mood’s online store to fulfill our material and supply needs.

I met with the model for overall measurements and then when the muslin arrived I created a mock up of the basic top and bottom allowing for fitting and designing. Off I went to meet the model and move our muslin closer to the final look. Perfect session. Just a few tucks and tweaks to get the fit we were after, and then our stylist used fabric markers to add design features.

While evaluating the updated muslin, the stylist introduced.

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