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Grands ’14

Dear Anthonee, Erin, and Triston — I can’t believe we are looking at yet another year apart. How the heck are you guys doing? I know you’re old enough to make some sound decisions about your success, future, and all those things that define yourselves. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Mine? To wake up every morning, smile, and state that I am feeling great! With that, all things will fall in to place – or so I’m planning! We are so excited about our coming year. We have some pretty fun adventures planned involving diving, racing, creativity, running and mountains. How about you? Well, put this in mind – you are old enough to reconnect with your family, including your Dad, with integrity. Can you do it? We think so. 🙂 We’ll be watching for you. Happy New Year my dears.

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  1. January 23, 2014 8:52 pm

    Well, my dear Triston – Happy Happy Birthday!!
    How was your birthday?! We talked about all of our favorite things about you and what we hope for you this year. Your smile and pout – and how long you can hold it. 😉 You are sooo grown and looking like a young man instead of little boy!! Oh my. What do love to do everyday, and what are you good at? Do you read a lot — and what kind of books do you love? Are you playing sports? What is your favorite? Do you have a girlfriend? 😉 You can tell us…We sure miss you, and miss visiting with you to hear all about your day, classes, teachers, friends, heartaches, headaches, and joys!! Aww, kiddo, we sure want to hug and laugh with you again!! Happy, happy birthday. We love you so much, and know that you hold us somewhere there in the back of your heart. Yep — there we are. It’s okay to smile and know that you are loved — no matter what anyone tries to tell you. We are real, and we are here waiting for you — forever!! To the moon and back. Love you forever, Grammie and Grampa. P.s. remember when I had you memorize our names and phone number? They’re still the same — just for you. Remember when you asked me to keep your new electric train for you? It’s still here in the closet. With a bow on it. 🙂 We are forever yours. Happy Birthday Triston Andrew!!

  2. February 14, 2014 5:57 pm

    Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you, Anthonee, Erin, and Triston! I’ve had you on my mind all day today, and with a smile on my face as I recall some of our little Valentine moments. I always love finding the cutest little cards for you, and adding the treats in you like so much. The last ones I remember were the little monsters. It was a Valentines Day a number of year’s back when we had our last nice family dinner with you Triston. We gave you a Valentine gift bag that had all those candy hearts in it that you were reading yourself after practicing your spelling list with your Dad. You began separating out your favorite hearts and eating the others. I gave you another little gift bag to put them in because you had a sweetheart at school to whom you were going to share your hearts. And remember Anthonee and Erin when we would all meet for a Valentines Day dinner? We miss doing these little things with you and look forward to our next Valentines Day. We hold you in our hearts and wish you a nice Valentines Day with your sweethearts – we know you have them! Anthonee, you are such a nice looking young man; Erin, you have that beautiful smile; and Triston, your fun personality just shines through! We hope your sweethearts see your true hearts, and you enjoy kindness and love everyday. Thinking of you this day of hearts, and know you will think of us too. Until we meet again, Happy Valentines Day with all our hearts!! Hugs to you Grands.

  3. February 22, 2014 12:22 pm

    While these are not my words, nor my specific experience, they reflect in stark detail a glimpse of that part of our lives where you are imprinted on it. I hope it helps you know better what your absence inflicts so you never think we don’t remember or want you. You may have heard those words. Never believe them. As you read this passage, imagine your Dad thinking of each of you, Anthonee, Erin, and Triston.

    “Nights are the worst.

    “I am a dedicated father of a 16 year old girl. I adore her and miss her terribly but despite my best efforts, I have seen her only twice in 4 years. Those two occasions were normal and loving. Absolutely nothing adds up – except PAS. It is apparent that my fears during a decade of hostile aggressive parenting by the mother and stepfather have been realised. I believe my daughter has been damaged by very subtle PA and by the not so subtle manipulation and litigious ways of the alienating parent. I have become much too familiar with the debilitating feelings of betrayal, treachery, loss, false accusation, gender bias, ignorance, injustice and reckless indifference.

    “In the daytime I often find my PA affected daughter crosses my thoughts. Not once or twice, but scores of times every day. I find my instinct to be a father to my only child shackles me and the feelings of helplessness I constantly endure leave me living my life in limbo. I can’t not be a father – but I am also prevented from being a father.

    “Negative emotions can thrive in this state of limbo. After years of suffering I have now managed reasonably successfully to summon my brain to quickly and forcibly lock-down the gates to those negative thought pathways. Its always very tempting to entertain melancholy thoughts about her and what she may be doing and how it will be when things are right again. I am certain she will be in my life again ……But what really scares me is that I was equally as certain this could never happen to us…..

    “Gotye sang “You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness” and I knew that observation all too well. But like most addictions, theres a heavy price to pay. In this kind of emotional roller coaster existence I have learnt that if I let melancholy in the door, it is never a quick indulgence. Very quickly it unmasks itself as self pity and knows all the shortcuts in my brain to the place labeled “Soul Destroying Heartache”. Likewise, Nostalgia is now an unwelcome guest in my thoughts because it too knows how to get in the door and then wreck the joint.

    “So in my waking hours I have learnt to cope by trying to keep my mind busy in the present. I focus on the many good things I am lucky to have in my life. But try as I might, I have not reclined into an admirable Buddhist discipline of living in the moment to be at peace with my world. Its more like I have chosen to wear blinkers because if I let my mind relax into idle thought, as sure as the sun rises, there will be my little girl on my mind and I will once again be searching for sense out of senselessness, reason out of chaos and justice where there is none. I allow myself to daydream about the future but the past is now too painful, too sure to bring back the familiar feeling of being kicked in the stomach for just trying my hardest to be her Dad and be in her life.

    “That’s why the nights are the worst. All the emotions I suppress in daylight come out at night in my mind and stomp all over it. There’s no conscious distraction I can throw at my mind to keep the demons at bay. Sometimes I awake from a shaking nightmare, my whole being strangled in angst. I never had nightmares before this constant grieving for my daughter. There’s something very unnatural about grieving for a child you know is alive and well and may or may not resume her rightful place in your life at any moment.

    “At other times I often awake suddenly in the dead of night with my mind racing, trawling desperately for answers to questions that I have already asked a thousand times. Why? What else can I try? Surely if……… It takes an age before I can calm my mind and relax enough to sleep again.

    “This is the existence of an alienated parent. Unless you have been through it you will never know the constant gnawing agony. Perhaps this may help you understand us more.”

    We love you and miss you. I look forward everyday to the moment you have the courage to reach out and close the gap between us. When I see the quotes and notes you make regarding love, I wonder if you realize you are pointing to your own lives and the distance between you and us – and your Dad. When I see how much of your Dad is in each of your faces, and I see the things about you that are so much like him, I want you to be together. He is wonderful. You are missing so much. Call me. You know my number. 😉

  4. March 16, 2014 11:30 am

    Happy springtime Anthonee, Triston, and Erin. I guess now that you’re back in the southern climes, your springtime is almost as nice as ours! It’s my favorite time of year and we are spending it with a balance of cleaning up from winter – and pollen – and getting in as much outdoor activities as possible before the heat of summer slows us down again. If you were here, we would all be kayaking the ocean shores and river inlets. The wildlife is coming to life and the weather is sparkling beautiful. We all tackled the River Run this weekend, either as runners or motivators. Your Dad ran it in chunks of time stopping to visit with the many people who are in his circles of friends. In fact, that’s the only reason I ran into him! Krysta ran with her sisters and of course, I missed her because she’s so much faster than me. Grandpa was right there at the finish line cheering me on, and then hosting the best post run picnic of all. Loads of fun! You would sure enjoy our annual race of the year. You are so young and full of energy, we know you could each run with one of us. It would make it even better.

    I wonder about you sometimes. Is it difficult to try and live a life of subterfuge? Do you ever wonder if you’re really hiding from yourselves – because we certainly want you here. Do you ever wonder if it is okay to enjoy the love and togetherness of your whole family – not just the ones who foster this segregation? I’ll bet you bury those ideas because you are surrounded by naysayers who fuel the stories that prevent you from experiencing the best of your whole family. The freedom to love, laugh, and share experiences without hiding and whispering, and burying your feelings. How sad. I look forward to your moment when you can release the burdens of all this nonsense and be yourselves to the fullest extent. You certainly are missing out on a rich history and experiences that are yours for the embracing – not to mention a real Dad who loves you. We think of you every day – and we know you do the same. The difference is we welcome the moment you finally come around. We understand what you’re going through, and while heartbreaking, we cannot fix it for you. Only you can, and we know what a battle that could be. We are patient. Funny, that we are the ones living the bible philosophy you are hearing…

    For now, we continue to grow and enjoy every single moment. Especially with spring here! The garden is getting an overhaul, the pool is warming up, it’s time to make some summer beach dresses, and we are training for all the 5K races going on around the area. You should be here! Summer break is when you should be visiting all your extended family and rejoicing in the volumes of love there are for you. C’mon and see what you’re missing. You know where we are Ant, Tag and Sunshine. 😉

  5. April 22, 2014 6:52 am

    Seventeen. Wow. Happy birthday sweet Erin Sunshine! Yes, I did say sweet. I choose to build my memories around all the smiles and cuteness, glow and kindness you have in you. I choose to recall all that was fun and laughter; what should have and could have been for the buddies we could be as grandmother and grand daughter. I loved when you twirled in a new dress I made for you, hugged a new toy we gave you, and read from new books we gave you. I loved when we snuck off to go shopping, and had hot chocolate and lemon cake together – even when you had me wear them!
    I loved when your eyes sparkled meeting your favorite princesses when we took you to Disney World, how you splashed in the surf when we took you to the beach as a toddler, when you swam like a dolphin in our pool, and crashed like a champion when I taught you ride your bike. I loved watching you dress up in our costumes for the Halloween parties we went to. I loved to hear you sing in the back seat while we drove off on adventures and your bashful look while Anthonee accompanied you to give you courage.
    I loved guessing over the phone who would win each week on American Idol. I loved working on projects with you that said, I love you Daddy. I loved watching you read out loud, and dance in the street at our block parties, and fuss in the kitchen with me over weekend breakfasts during your sleepovers. I loved watching you learn to put on make-up and test your fashion sense from day one. I loved laughing with you, playing with you, and hanging out with you.
    I love thinking about talking to you about your boyfriend, the latest fashion, your favorite movies and books, and where we should go on our next adventure. As I head out to train for a run, plan a girls weekend with nieces and friends, put together our next party menu, or spend the day out and about, I think of you being along with me and how much fun we have. I hope you are turning into a kind and adventurous young woman full of confidence and curiosity for the world and your place in it.
    Keep your head on straight and know that you can choose to shape your life the way you want to. Remember that boys, babies, careers, and adventure each are wondrous and fulfilling, and while they can complement each other, never replace another on the list. Choose them because you want them, and then enjoy them to their fullest. Lastly – never skip an education! I trust you to become a smart, beautiful woman inside and outside.
    I hope you to become courageous and strong enough to practice the love and forgiveness you voice so that you reach out to have your Dad and whole family back where they belong.
    Happy Birthday Erin Sunshine. We love you. Grammie and Grampa

  6. May 25, 2014 4:31 pm

    Dear Grands, With May being our formal graduation celebration month, and this being 2014 – the year you – Anthonee – graduate, I find myself eagerly checking the mail for an announcement. We have opened announcements from so many of our friends’ glowing graduates full of eagerness to tackle their new future, and we placed your cousin Lauren’s in a prime spot and smile when it catches our eye as we pass by. She is a beautiful young woman headed to Georgia Southern University with a promising future and good heart. Remember the photo of you four cousins – you, Lauren, Erin, and Devin – all giggling on Great Grandma’s porch swing? Now you are all nearly grown ups. What kind of young man have you become Anthonee Lee Gray? Are you honing your musical talents, sharpening your math capabilities, enjoying your artistic talents? Have you chosen your next step, selected your college or university? Are you spreading your wings, and touching your toe into the adult world? You have so much potential, and so much inherent ability we do hope you are reaching into your heart and following the best roads. We miss you tremendously, and look forward to the day you also draw on he courage you have in you to reconnect and share your stories with us. We wish you the best of luck for our graduation and next steps. Love you to moon and back! Grammie

  7. June 30, 2014 7:46 am

    Happy Birthday to Grampa!! We had the most wonderful weekend full of Grampa’s favorite things shared with your Dad, friends and family. Friday was a pizza and movie night – my choice on the pizza and Grampa’s on the movie! I recall the fun times when you did pizza and movie nights with us. Remember the collection of movie dvds Grampa bought for you? All your favorites. So, Saturday we did a couple projects hanging lanterns by the pool and shelves in my studio before getting dressed up and heading out to dinner at one of Grampa’s favorite places for oysters! Sunday was full of soccer, chili dogs, and visiting. It was such a perfect weekend. You know what they’re like, and we look forward to you being here again for them. Don’t wait too long – we’re certainly not getting any younger. 😉 That’s what birthdays do to you. Grammie

  8. August 4, 2014 10:35 pm

    Ah, summer. It’s such a great time to play! It’s been loads of fun hearing about all of our friends’ family vacations! We have hit the beach a bunch – setting up a little beach city at Vilano Beach or Hanna Park with everything we can carry! Canopy, chairs, towels, bocce, magazines, snorkels, sun screen, and snacks. Love, love, love the beach. I remember how much you did too! Triston – I never did stand on my surf board, but I did go Stand Up Paddling and loved it; Erin – you were such a natural mermaid from your first beach day, and I still think You would be our surfer; and Anthonee – there were no sharks in the water! I’ve learned that when we see schools of “bait” fish or flocks of fishing birds, we leave the water to the sharks following them around. You’d each be so proud!! I think of you when we’re setting up our day camp at the beach. There’s always a spot for you. On top of that, we spend our weekends in staycation mode at the pool. Chaise lounges and lots of cannon balls make it much easier to tackle chores all weekend.

    With summer comes thoughts of school. We are wondering where you are going to be a freshman Anthonee! I’m assuming you graduated from HS this spring. Are you working, living independently, have a girlfriend, and are you excited for your future? We are! So, Erin, you should be looking at your senior year! How wonderful. We are counting on you being a wonderful young woman. And Triston, did you practice your math and reading all summer so you’re ready to be first in your class? You’ll be great!

    We are attending a birthday party for your Great Grandma Gray in August as she will be 90! Then we are having a big surprise birthday party for your Great Grandpa in October as he will be 80! Tons of all your favorite relatives will be at each party, and even more you haven’t even met yet. Of course, your Dad’s birthday is in August too. It saddens me that you are missing all of the nice things we do. And there is so much. Not only that, but time is moving past us. You will lose your Great Grandparents sooner than you think. Then you will lose us – we’re not getting any younger. And if you don’t fix this, you will eventually lose your Dad – permanently. You see, you haven’t lost him at this point. He has gone no where. You left him. He is waiting for you to return. Just do it.

    We continue to look forward to when you have the courage to just come back to us. I think about it often. How will I feel? How will we all feel? I imagine trepidation as we wonder your intent – hopefully, it will be one of open hearts. We are weary from fending off the wake you left us in. Hope. I feel hope every day that you show up, just smile, and look for a new beginning. We never thought you’d be kept from us. We never want you to miss out on any of your family. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. We have never wavered in our feelings. We are not what you have heard all these years. Courage. We are here. Happy summer!!

  9. August 25, 2014 7:06 am

    Happy Birthday to your Great Grandmother Lyla Gray. Oh my. All the birthdays you are missing Ant, Erin, and Triston, and it’s not so much the birthdays, but what you are missing out on by walking away and not looking back. We celebratrd your Great Grandmother Gray’s 90th birthday this weekend with close to 100 people – mostly your family. It was a beautiful day full of love, smiles, hugs and tears. Your Great Grandma and Grandpa attended as well because they have all three been grandparenting together and know each other well.

    All of your Grand Aunts and Uncles were there and sharing stories of our Grands with each other. We have Grands going off to college, the Army, High School, Middle School, Grade School, and Kindergarten!! They are in honor roll, football, soccer, track, art, music, ROTC, and band. They want to be actors, singers, chefs, scientists, professional athletes, firemen, and ballerinas.

    We are all acutely aware of your absence, and they express their sadness in your missing out. All of your cousins were there and the holes in the regular groups that form up were obvious. The boys who immediately line up to strut around looking for mischief and attention just isn’t the same with you Anthonee as the four boys became three without you there. And our little coterie of young ladies who normally flock in your circle of attention Erin had an empty seat at their table where you should have been – Erin McKenna fell into place for you, but it’s not the same without you. Then there were the kids laughing and having fun where we should have seen you Triston. Everyone lined the staircase for the great-grand children photo opp – and I sorely missed seeing you there with them.

    There will never be another big birthday for your Great Grandma Gray. You can never make up for lost time. We look forward to the moment you have the courage to come back to us. Every one there this weekend expressed this same sentiment. Clear your vision, open your hearts, and just reach out. We’re waiting, but you will eventually have fewer loved ones around so don’t take too long to come to your senses! Love, Grammie

  10. September 12, 2014 10:25 pm

    Happy September! We love this time of year when everything whispers change. I’m also in the midst of planning your Great Grandpa’s birthday party and having such fun looking forward to it and all those who are planning to be here! Oh my gosh, you should certainly be here. I sink into my sadness when ever I dwell on that part. You should be here. Now that’s a change I will continue to day dream about.

    What are you doing this September? New classes, new friends, new jobs, new adventures?

    I just got back from visiting with Uncle Cory in San Francisco and had the time of my life. He has carved a pretty awesome life for himself full of great friends and fun things to do. Coming back to my real world was a bit jarring, but once I got back into rhythm, all was well. Our life here is so good that it is easy to come home to. What would be perfect? You returning, silly. We wait for you to come to your senses and find your courage. You know right where you left us.

    I love autumn with it’s promise of holidays and fun. So much to plan and do. You’re missing out on all those things we love to do together…but, Happy Autumn!! Love, Grammie

  11. October 19, 2014 5:55 pm

    Happy October my dear Grands. What a whirlwind this month has been! Wish you were here — as always! October must be my favorite month of the year. I remember being a kid and loving how nice the weather always became with surprising warm sunshine, homecoming, the first report cards, and then the changing leaves. Add my birthday and Halloween, and it’s a treasure of a month. It’s historically for me a month of change as well. This year it is even more bittersweet than usual.

    We had so much fun pulling off your Great Grandpa’s 80th birthday party!!! Relatives we haven’t seen in such a long time came to the party, and my sister showed up to help me just in time! Aunt Cassie and Uncle Bill had a one week busy vacation filled with cooking, making decorations, and party prepping on site, along with beach, family, and pool time. It was so much fun!! You should be included in these family moments. Well, you actually were. 🙂 We spent lots a time talking long into the night about the mess we’ve all been through commiserating and voicing our hopes and dreams for all the ways things could turn out for the best. Everyone loves your Dad so much, and we each continue to live in disbelief that he is not in your lives, although we know he is in your hearts whether you admit it or not — just as you are in ours every day.

    Then the week was over. Just like that. This weekend finds us supporting a good friend who lost his wife – also our friend! to ugly cancer. It reminds us all how precious life is. She fought valiantly for seven years but finally succumbed. Her whole family was here. Hospice was here. She was ready. Moments like these always make me think about the lost time you are racking up by keeping your distance. You will regret it. But only you can fix it. We are here. Waiting.

    Now the sun is shining, the air is light and bright, and I love this time of year!! I have reconnected with such warm and wonderful relatives who plan on visiting often. We are planning vacations to each others and Cory’s houses! What fun! I hope your October is your favorite month all year too!!

    Grandpa and I are heading to Disney for our two favorite events – the Halloween party and the Food and Wine Fest. I love looking back at our photos of all of our costumes and adventures. I can never decide which was my favorite for each of you, but I’d have to say Abu for Triston – or maybe the Hulk. You were pretty cool in that one; the Matrix for Anthonee, and Erin — you had so many great ones, but one of my favorites was the Little Mermaid when you were oh so little!! Of course you looked awesome as pirates – all of you did!! We’ve had so many wonderful times, don’t you think so? Let’s do it some more. Happy October!!! Love Grammie and Grampa.

  12. November 30, 2014 9:25 am

    Good morning Grands! We are winding down from our Thanksgiving week, and what an amazing week it was! I hope yours was filled with love and laughter. We impulsively decided to do a dinner this year when Uncle Cory announced he was coming to town. His visit was prompted by his decision to help celebrate Kourtney’s 16th birthday with her. It turns out they have reconnected – starting with message exchanges almost two years ago. I share this with you because it was an amazing week for us, and to let it serve as an example for you to reconnect with your Dad and the rest of your family. While we miss you tremendously, we know you will need to take that first step. We are still right where you left us.

    Kourtney is an amazing, beautiful, kind, and sunshiny young woman. She is smart, and has a plan for what she wants to do with her life. I have confidence she’ll do quite well. We had so much fun while she was here for a few days. They were filled with a birthday dinner, shopping, visiting, digging through old pictures and taking new ones, and lots of hugs! It gives us hope that you will all find the courage to come back to us. It also warmed my heart to have one of my grand daughters back in our lives.

    We followed that up with our T-Day dinner prepped while we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade of course! I remember when you used to stay over night to help with the table settings, side dishes, and then watch the parade with me in the morning. Do you still do that? I’ll bet you do. It occurred to us the other day that there is not a nice childhood memory you have that doesn’t have us in it. 😉 We like that.

    Happy Thanksgiving!! We are off to haul out the Christmas decorations! Wish you were here. Love, Grammie.

  13. December 8, 2014 10:42 pm

    Dear Anthonee – No, we did not overlook your birthday. Not for anything. I was in Orlando for that date. What were you doing for your big day? I will wish you a happy birthday and leave you with one more – a wish for you to bring your full life back together. You’re 19 now. Get back here and recover your family. You can do it. And, Happy Birthday Anthonee. Love, Grammie.

  14. December 16, 2014 9:23 pm

    Anthonee, Erin, and Triston – we are in the midst of the holiday season and wrapping ourselves in Christmas lights and jolly times. I am also touched with moments of melancholy when I reminisce about our special times shared at every Christmas — showing up to your house before you even got up to see you open presents. I am also lightened by having Kourtney back in our lives! You would love her too. She’s smart, sweet, and a genuinely nice person with a great sense of humor. I feel as thought we’ve been given a little gift in her return to us. We are taking it a moment at a time, and I imagine how easy it could be for you to just come back too.

    We are heading to our Gray Family Christmas party this weekend!! What a great family we have! Latest updates: Chuckie (now Charles, of course) is getting married and has joined the Army. Tyler has just joined the Marines, Lauren is in her Freshman year at Georgia Southern University and is a track superstar as well as a beautiful young woman. The boys just aren’t the same without you there Anthonee. And the girls just don’t have the same chemistry without you there Erin. Triston, the younger cousins could always use your mischievous self to make it a great day. It appears all of you have big news in your lives too. You should just get past your personal obstacles and come back to share them with us. What better time to truly show your magnanimity than at Christmastime!

    Grandpa has the Christmas lights up, the tree is decorated, every room in the house has its own Christmas tree, and the menus are planned for our Christmas Eve party and Christmas Dinner with your Dad and Great Grandparents – how many do they really have left to share? It’s a warm and wonderful time. And you’re missing out. I do take advantage of your absence to wait until January to make your ornaments. I then pack them away with the little trinkets and gifts I’ve collected for each of you. Aunt Cassie has a 4 year old grand daughter and she lets me do her Grammie Christmas shopping to enjoy that part again. Oh, this year we showered her with the best Frozen gifts since that’s her latest craze. We then took on as many Salvation Army Angels we could handle to try to make their dreams a little closer too. It’s been so much fun. I did have a moment of sadness when I finally cleaned out your closet of games and toys for donation. It was hard to do, but the kids will be happy.

    Now I’m off to wrap the rest of our presents to mail tomorrow. Then we have to check our list to see where we are with all the holiday fun we have planned. You could easily be included. 😉 Merry Christmas! Love, Grammie

  15. December 28, 2014 12:45 pm

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have had the most wonderful holiday season in our house. It took a while for me to get back into things and rediscover how to enjoy the season without your chatter, laughter, and happy faces here, but I did it. We surround ourselves with your Great Grandparents, your Dad and his love, a load of our friends, and then add great food, Christmas lights and music, and a couple reindeer games. Our Christmas Eve party was great fun! You certainly would enjoy it and only need to get here to do so. 🙂

    We had Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, your Dad and his love for Christmas dinner making our Christmas warm and wonderful with thoughtful presents, a nice dinner and checkers! Great Grandpa is the reigning champ so far, although I did win one game.

    We did have a bump in the road with a trip to the ER for Great Grandpa, and although his morning was far from pleasant, he’s up and running like new again. It is a reminder that life is precious and short so we cannot waste time on unimportant things. You should take this to heart. One day you will regret not repairing your relationships. No one stands in your way except you. We are here — in the middle of the 12 Days of Christmas and enjoying every festive minute of them!!

    Hope your holidays are pleasant and bring you happiness. I wish for each of you warm, kind hearts full of the promise of good things to come.

    Now we are readying ourselves for training to run the Gate River Run as a big ol’ team! There are almost a dozen of us – mostly family – training and running the race together. Grandpa will do his traditional GRR tailgate party afterwards as well. Here’s to a happy, healthy New Year! I’ll be thinking of you. Love, Grammie.

  16. January 30, 2015 7:21 am

    Happy New Year Anthonee, Erin, and Triston. Did you think I forgot? Nope. New 2015 page coming this weekend. Hopefully your year is beginning nicely as ours is. We have many new changes occurring and realize remotely you do too. As you look to your lives as adults, Anthonee and Erin, we wish for you to be filled with hope and anticipation of good things. We wish for you courage and curiosity that prompts you to recover your lost relationships and forge renewed ties with us. Triston, we wish for you days filled with smiles and day dreams, and count on showering you all with love and hugs. See you soon! Love Grammie

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