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Grands ’17

It’s been almost forever since we’ve been face to face, heart to heart. I won’t say we aren’t heart to heart because I believe there is a permanent attachment you feel, but won’t admit is there. It’s called love. We have 6 Grands now. And with your families growing to include new children, ours grows too. You, Anthonee, Erin, and Triston were the first Grands who filled us with the amazing love that comes with new grand babies. And you were the ones taken from us most dramatically, leaving us with holes in our hearts and souls. All of us, including you. My love for you is seared into my soul, but I will not be crippled by life’s happenings. I enjoy the loved ones around me every day; family, friends, neighbors, communities. I wish upon you the same love and light, happiness and joy we experience every day. And I know a bit of that comes from the glimmer of what we – your Dad, Grampa, Uncle Cory, and all of your family left behind – instilled in your hearts. So, here is my new page to write to you and let you know what is new in our every day lives, and to remind you there is a lovely part of your family that has always been here for you to enjoy.  🙂 Love, Grammie

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  1. March 27, 2017 9:48 pm

    Ah, you probably wonder why there are not 2 more posts on this page for January and February. It is not because you were out of our thoughts and hearts. Not a day goes by when I do not think about each of you. Not a day. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. I know it’s the same for each of you…I write to you, talk to you, and love you daily. My heart has grown with all the love that surrounds me. We have your cousins all around, new ones (look over there —>) and older ones alike! Our family and circles of friends are amazing. Your families are growing too. You should be sure each new child has the chance to know their Grand-Daddy, Great and Great-Great Grandparents too. We are such cool, awesome people, they will understand then where their looks, personalities, attitudes, and talents are derived in part. It shows. You know it does. 🙂

  2. May 10, 2017 11:31 pm

    Good evening my Grands. Another beautiful spring is upon us and the promise of summer is around the corner. We’ve had so much newness around us. I hope Your spring time is bringing you some joy as well. I miss you as always, but our lives are so dang amazing right now I can almost handle it well. 🙂 We are enjoying little Ashton’s exploits every day. We know you are also experiencing these wonders with your little ones Erin. Your children, your Dad’s grandchildren, our great grandchildren, and on and on! I lament the fact you are keeping them from enjoying our fun family. Their lives should be enriched by these nice relationships.

    I am so appreciative of our new in law families though! I have found new friends in our boys’ in-laws, and look forward to all of our shared moments, holidays, and visits. It’s the way it should be. Adding layers of our family one person at a time. It’s nice to be surrounded by like-minded people who love us and share the things that are important to us. Cory’s in-laws are moving here soon, and we will all be able to see Ashton and his antics. He is grasping his toys, rolling over, giggling and grinning at everyone. He’s such a charmer! My best friend says he looks just like Anthonee and Triston! Well, of course he does. Their dads are good looking brothers! You would love him. Watching Maddy with him is just amazing. He adores her, and she adores him too. It’s beautiful. These are your cousins. Never forget they are here.

    We just spent the weekend at Disney and decided while we were there to do the Halloween party again this year! We even selected our theme! Costume making will commence soon. We’re back into our favorite Disney adventure! I love all your costumes I made you over the years. I could be making them for Erin’s little ones too…Interested in hearing how you chose their names, by the way. And Anthonee – any love interests these days? Triston – you’re getting oh so close to driving, right? Remember when you would tell me you were going to get a yellow Ferrari and take me for a ride? I’ll be watching for you!

    I’ve started my pop-up sewing lounge and look forward to the activities to prep for workshops, as well has conducting them. It continues to grow in popularity, so I hope it turns into my retirement job. I can’t wait for that to happen! Great Grandma is my partner in crime designing and teaching classe with me! I’m still enjoying my day job because I work from home. Speaking of home and the house it’s in, we are feeling all brand new these days! We painted the outside, we’re replacing floors, installing new cabinets, and overhauling the yard. This week the deck and pool are becoming sparkling too. Remember how much you love to swim Anthonee and Erin. And Triston, I still tell everyone how you would ask for your towel to be put into the dryer to warm it up – smart! And the you’d jump into the bubble bath wearing your swim mask!

    Easter just came and went. Recall, this is when we gave you gift bags full of summer fun stuff to include goggles and sunscreen! We still do this – well the sunscreen anyway! Everyone received one from us, and the girls had cool summer nail polishes too. Now Mothers Day is around the corner. It’s also a sad day for us as we lost your Great Grandma Gray on mothers day 2 years ago. It seems like yesterday. It’s still strange and melancholy. Too bad you did not take the opportunity to say goodbye, be connected. You should change that before you lose the rest of your loved ones.

    We are not getting any younger, and you are old enough to set your stories straight. Stop playing into the false history you’ve been told. While you don’t have to say so out loud, we know you know the reality. We’ll be here when you finally turn around. We can pick up where we left off in the good times. In the meantime, know that we are doing very well, enjoying life, and staying more busy than we should! You know where we are. Love you!! Love, Grammie.

  3. June 19, 2017 2:23 pm

    Hello from Grammie!! Thinking a lot lately about where you are in your lives with all the things going on in ours. So, most of my June so far was taken up with an amazing class I took in Indiana. I learned how to repair sewing machines. One more step in my retirement plan. Before that I have been filling my days with my part time job – the business I started to do in my retirement! Oh my gosh, it’s busy. I think of you all the time.

    Of course, we just celebrated Father’s Day and missed out seeing your Dad because he is traveling for work. He is the most dedicated and passionate person! I hope each of you, Erin, Anthonee, and Triston, have some of that in you. I believe you still hold a spark of love for him, and do recognize his amazing qualities. He’s smart, funny, hard-working, and still loves to get out and play soccer as well as hang out all day with his side kick labrador, Indie.

    Father’s Day was especially nice this year because Uncle Cory and Jen brought A. into the world for us to love as our newest grandson. He is the most pleasant natured, beautiful baby! Because your Dads look so much alike as brothers, and you all look so much like your Dad, I see your kids Erin look a lot like A. too. It’s a beautiful thing to see these similarities. You can’t deny family.

    In another week we are celebrating Grampa’s birthday. He doesn’t like to make a fuss as you know, but he does like a good dinner, so off we go to Riverside to wine and dine him. He deserves it! He is still my prince charming – remember Erin when you said you want to grow up to be a frincess?! I do.

    This fall we have plans to do another Disney Halloween trip. I was looking back at our photos of all our costumes. We had Maddy choose the theme, and we’re all doing the same! I’ll surprise you later. You could come with us. All you have to do is ask… 🙂 Anthonee, you were so into your characters. I still think my favorite for you was Matrix, and of course for you Triston, it had to be Abu! Your first year. Although, those pirate costumes were the best too!

    I’ve been following Ryan Thomas online for a number of years – the same number of years since you abandoned us. He is an alienated adult child who finally saw the light and reconciled his life to include again his Dad and Dad’s family. He makes me wonder if you can figure this out sometime before it’s not too late. As we get older, we realize quite starkly the ,limited time we have. As you gaze upon your growing families remember there are more of us out here standing by to be included. We have so many fun things to share – and hopefully, time left to share fun times! So looking forward to your recovering your hearts and giving us a call. My number is the same. I’ll be waiting. Love, Grammie.

  4. September 28, 2017 11:32 pm

    Hey there Anthonee, Erin, and Triston – we have some catching up to do. Grampa and I had a life changing moment that is just now beginning to feel like it’s in the past. July 31st Grampa was air-lifted for emergency surgery that saved his life. Your Dad, uncle, and our family were all there waiting the almost 8 hours it took to do that. 50 hours later in ICU the doctor said he was out of the woods and would live to tell his story. I can breath again. This highlights for me the fact that you don’t have forever to come around. When you next come to our area to visit friends, you should stop by. Is it scary? Yep. He is almost back to normal. It’s a long road, but he is almost there. Really drives home what is important. There are never enough days in our lives to let these things linger. We are eager to meet your children Erin, to hear about your adventures Anthonee, and to see how school is going Triston. We want you to meet the rest of your family – all who came along after you left us. Our lives are so rich and wonderful right now – on purpose! We have such a nice daily, weekly, life. Ashton is the sweetest and smartest little cutie patootie. He just rounds out their little family so nicely. I love them all. Your Dad is doing a great job of keeping it together after the emotional damage done to him, and K. is his biggest supporter! We love her. He’s amazing – well, darn – our whole family is, don’t you think so? I see your Dad in each of you – and I know you do too. It’s late. I’m tired. I want you to know you are always on my mind, in my heart! Love, Grammie

  5. November 5, 2017 9:22 pm

    October was a very rough month around here…hope you are doing well. I really do. And I wish for a connection where we knew these things about each other. You’re each at an age when you CAN make your own decisions to dig into your hearts and think of us – me, Grampa, Dad – and, there it is, a smile over all those nice times we actually had – IRL. Dig past the stories that have been repeated over and over ad nauseam until you act as though they are real. You’re old enough to do this now. Then drop me a line or call or text and tell me your story about today, last month.

    October was a very rough one – I am worn out juggling life while keeping everyone healthy and happy. The flu has made it’s rounds, but Grampa is back to work and feeling his oats enough to get a brand new ducati to ride around with Uncle C. on his sporty harley. They are a hoot, but they do have nice rides. Great Grandpa turned 83 this October and while he is one of the healthiest 83 year olds I know, he is struggling. Now is the time to make the most of time with him. He’s the best. Always upbeat, always with a corny joke, and a helping hand.

    I did celebrate a big birthday with parties, a cruise, and a commitment to do something new with every month. So, October was my month of celebration in between all of our serious stuff. I pulled it off. I rode the train to south Florida, had a sleep over with your great aunts and 2nd cousins before we headed out on a 4 day Caribbean cruise. What a dang good time we had!

    So, for November I’ve decided to up my machine repair game by repairing and reselling at least 8 machines in the month. If it works well, it will be a new habit. That’s my goal; try out 12 new things over the year and see which ones stick. I’m really looking forward to the adventure!

    Next up is our Thanksgiving holiday. Uncle Cory and Aunt Jenny are hosting with a deep fried turkey – of course. We are making a couple healthy dishes to balance that out ;-). We’ll start our day with Macy’s parade as usual. This is Aston’s first T’Day, and he’s almost ready for sweet potatoes and dressing. :-). He is the sweetest baby, and your Dad has a special connection with him that is so endearing. He’s the best.

    Our little family has come together so dang nicely. I think DAILY how well you all should fit in. You really should come see what you’re missing out on. We are juggling life pretty well, working hard at success and a path to retirement, and making the most of our every day lives. You should be here. Or visit. Or call. Love you! Grammie

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